Friday, January 6, 2017

My List of Covered Bridges in New Hampshire

I have had the pleasure of accompanying a handful of talented bridge engineers on several field visits to inspect bridges a few months ago. After seeing these professionals get so excited about what they do for a living, I grew a new appreciation for the bridges in New Hampshire and admire how their structural soundness and beauty keep us moving, both literally and figuratively. 

What struck me the most were the beautiful covered bridges. There is a lot of history behind them since covered bridges are the first type of structures to be protected by the State of New Hampshire. Covered bridges are typically timber-truss bridges, which in my opinion gives an antique feel and takes us back to a simpler time. Since most of these structures were built in the 19th century, what use to be a list of 10,000 bridges has dwindled down to a list of 54 bridges, which was mainly due to their poor preservation overtime. We can thank the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges for keeping our history alive through these bridges. 

I hope to someday visit all 54 bridges in New Hampshire. As for now, I will add information and pictures of each bridge that I visit down below as I visit them! 

#1 - Packard Hill Bridge in Lebanon, NH 
#2 - Smith Bridge in Plymouth, NH (Coming Soon!)

#3 - Ashuelot Bridge in Winchester, NH
#4 - Coombs Bridge in Winchester, NH
#5 - Slate Bridge in Swanzey, NH
#6 - West Swanzey Bridge in Swanzey, NH
#7 - Sawyers Crossing in Swanzey, NH
#8 - Carlton Bridge in Swanzey, NH
#9 - County Bridge in Hancock and Greenfield
#10 - Rowell's Bridge in Hopkinton, NH
#11 - Railroad Bridge in Hopkinton, NH
#12 - Dalton Bridge in Warner, NH
#13 - Waterloo Bridge in Warner, NH
#14 - Bement Bridge in Bradford, NH
#15 - Keniston Bridge in Andover, NH
#16 - Cilleyville Bridge in Andover, NH
#17 - Corbin Bridge in Newport, NH
#18 - McDermott Bridge in Langdon, NH
#19 - Prentiss Bridge in Langdon, NH
#20 - Cornish-Windsor Bridge in Cornish, NH and Windsor, VT
#21 - Blacksmith Shop in Cornish, NH
#22 - Dingleton Hill in Cornish, NH
#23 - Blow-Me-Down Bridge in Cornish, NH
#24 - Meriden Bridge in Plainfield, NH
#25 - Edgell Bridge in Lyme, NH
#26 - Bath-Haverhill Bridge in Bath, NH
#27 - Bath Bridge in Bath, NH
#28 - Swiftwater Bridge in Bath, NH
#29 - Mt. Orne Bridge in Lancaster, NH
#30 - Mechanic Street Bridge in Lanchaster, NH
#31 - Groveton Bridge in Northumberland, NH
#32 - Columbia Bridge in Columbia, NH
#33 - Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge in Pittsburg-Clarksville, NH
#34 - Happy Corner Bridge in Pittsburg, NH
#35 - River Road Bridge in Pittsburg, NH
#36 - Stark Bridge in Stark, NH
#37 - Sentinel Pine Bridge in Lincoln, NH
#38 - Flume Bridge in Lincoln, NH
#39 - Blair Bridge in Campton, NH
#40 - Turkey Jim's Bridge in Campton, NH
#41 - Bump Bridge in Campton, NH
#42 - Durgin Bridge in Sandwich, NH
#43 - Whittier Bridge in Ossipee, NH
#44 - Swift River Bridge in Conway, NH
#45 - Saco River Bridge in Conway, NH
#46 - Albany Bridge in Albany, NH
#47 - Bartlett Bridge in Bartlett, NH
#48 - Honeymoon Bridge in Jackson, NH
#49 - Pier Bridge in Newport, NH
#50 - Wright's Bridge in Newport, NH
#51 - Sulphite Bridge in Franklin, NH
#52 - Henniker Bridge in Henniker, NH
#53 - Clark's Bridge in North Woodstock, NH
#54 - Squam River Bridge in Ashland, NH

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