Monday, January 2, 2017

Madame Sherri Forest - Castle Ruins

I had a great time visiting the Castle Ruins at Madam Sherri Forest in Chesterfield, NH a while back. My roommate told me about it and I was so excited to see what these ruins were all about! 

Not only did the medieval-looking ruins within the woods catch my eye, I read that this forest is also said to be haunted. Some say you can still hear voices, music, and the sounds of the parties. Others even see the ghost of Madame Sherri herself, occasionally descending down the stairway. 

Although we didn't experience anything supernatural, it's still a beautiful place to visit. 

The forest was named after Madame Antoinette Sherri, a costume designer for the Zigfield Follies in the 1920's. She became famous after throwing parties for the visitors from the city. Her castle was destroyed by a fire in 1962, but the foundation, chimneys, and the stone staircase still sands today with lots of hiking trails around the ruins. She died three years later in 1965 at age 84.

Informational chart at the beginning of the trail.

I made a short video of our trip to the ruins! 

(I apologize for the quality of the video!)

Continue looking at the snapshots of our journey!

I give credit to my roommate, Caroline, for taking the following pictures!

Thanks again, Caroline!

Click here for directions and here for further information.

Thanks for Reading!

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