Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Trails

Mmmm. Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. I love all of those things. Put them all together and you get...

New Hampshire's Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Trails!

After hiking on the Kancamagus Highway one day with a friend and my roommate's dog, we stopped at the White Mountains Visitor Center.  I came across a pamphlet with that very title across the top of it. I was so intrigued by it, I had to look into it more. 

Picture taken from online pamphlet at http://agriculture.nh.gov/publications-forms/documents/wine-cheese-chocolate-trail.pdf

This is a guide to visiting all of the wineries, chocolatiers, and dairy suppliers in New Hampshire. The pamphlet goes into detail about each location and describes what each place has to offer and gives addresses for visiting. If you specifically are looking for more wineries, click here to visit the Breweries and Wineries page on the visitnh website. 

I didn't know if you noticed the bottom right corner of the map above. It is a blurb about the NH Winery Association's Passport Program...

I didn't even know there was such thing as a NH Winery Association! Sign me up! To my understanding it's a group of different types of wine producers devoted to the wine industry in New Hampshire. The University of New Hampshire is a member, which I didn't know up until now! I wish I knew that before I graduated.

If you want to visit solely wineries and distilleries in New Hampshire, click Passports.

I know what I want to do for my next "hiking" trail.. it seems a lot warmer than actual hiking outside in the cold! 

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