Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Tis the Season - Inspired by Norway

Holiday Room Decor - Instagram
It's not always easy to travel for the holidays in such cold, snowy weather in New England, but who says you can't bring a foreign country to you own home for you to enjoy!

I was inspired to decorate my room by NordicDesign's blog. I came across a picture one day from the blog on Pinterest and it showed me a glimpse of what the home decor of what a wintery day in Norway would be like. 

What first caught my eye was a beautiful 
Picture taken from NordicDesign Website
picture of a snowy mountain hanging on the wall in a cozy bedroom. I am normally not a fan of the cold of winter, but boy did this make me want to leave here to admire the beauty of the mountains in Norway. I found a similar picture of some mountains online, put it in a clean, white frame, and hung it on my own bedroom wall! 

This modern style might be too monochromatic for some, but in my opinion I think the bright whites and grays makes the room look cleaner and more organized. I am also partial to gray since it is one of my favorite neutral colors. This particular Nordic style also plays with a lot of textures and is well decorated with green plants and works of art. I added a green, pine-scented candle next to my tree to bring out that christmas tree smell and to bring some color to this modern style. 

Next, bring on the light! The christmas lights draped across the windows really make this holiday season come to life. In addition to these hanging lights, I added matching white lights to my little christmas tree as a center piece to my room. I lit the candle and was able to find a YouTube Video of a lit fireplace with the crackling sounds of the fire. In my opinion, this elevates the room, bringing modern and rustic styles together. 

All that's left is to add a stylish throw pillow 
that speaks to you on your bed or couch. My favorite pillow has grays and pastel colors with a subtle Christmas message of "Joy" on it. It not only has an inspirational message, but it fits the perfect modern, winter theme that I was going for that can last all winter long. 

Now you can sit down with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and admire the festive lights and decorations of your christmas tree while listening to the fireplace crackle. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!