Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Surviving the Street Performers

"The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city.”

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland during this great festival this past August! There were so many young artists from all over the world that came to show off their talents and to make a name for themselves at this festival. Comedians, improv actors, acapella groups, magicians, you name it! When we walked through the streets of Central Edinburgh, we were bombarded with fliers from individuals promoting their shows. Everywhere you turned there would be someone sticking a piece of paper in your face asking your to attend their show. After a while of accepting every flier handed out to us, we had to start turning people down for their persuasive efforts because we weren't able to carry such a huge stack of fliers. Most of the fliers were very strange and outlandish in order to stand out from the rest of the entertainers. There were definitely some memorable head turners that stood out to me. 

Performances were happening on the streets left and right and it was beginning to become very difficult to maneuver through the large crowds. We took a break from crowd surfing and stayed to watch a few shows that caught our eyes. One of the shows starred an eager magician who seemed a little out of touch with his first couple of tricks. His first goal was to try tossing a single playing card towards a balloon in order to pop it on the first try. He eventually achieve his goal, several cards later. He also seemed very new to performing in front of an audience as some of the jokes he told fell flat and didn't impress the audience. I commended his efforts on trying to engage the audience. A couple days later, we saw him again with a larger crowd and it only took him two cards to pop the balloon, which was an improvement from last time. New performers have to start somewhere! 

Posted fliers along the street.

Musician playing in the streets

Another strange performer was Yoda. Well, a person dressed up as Yoda of course. Yoda was "flying" in the air and tried spooking people passing by with his sorcery. He would try to invite them over by gesturing with one finger pointing towards himself. I thought he looked down right creepy when he started gesturing to me. When I shook my head no, he shook his head back at me! I think he was making fun of me. 

Later on when we went back to the center, we saw Yoda again and gained enough courage to actually take a picture with him. It was mostly my Star Wars fanatic friend who persuaded me to go back and take one with him. She was very proud of me for going back! 

Thanks to Katie for taking the picture with me. Let's face it; I probably wouldn't have done it by myself!

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